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I am proud to announce that my new website is up!  I am now offering workshops on Shamanic Tools & Rituals of Transformation AND Alchemical Transformation:  The Great Work is YOU.

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“The Mirror Self” Speaks

Hello out there in BLOG land.  Glad to see you back!  As I’ve been preparing for the SoulCollage workshop that I am holding on May 9th, 2015 at the Rabbit Hole Cafe in Agoura Hills, CA–I’ve felt that it would be excellent to share some of my cards with you.   Every morning when I pull a card, I receive such an overwhelming download of information from my Higher Self through this unique system of divination.  Today was no exception.

At an amazing workshop that I attended with Mariabruna Sirabella, one of the women who helped to create SoulCollage, I created this card, entitled The Mirror Dream:


It ended up in my Committee Suit, as it is a representation of one of the parts of myself that appeared in a dream that I had in college.  Here is the message it had for me:

“I am one who pulled you forth out of yourself in times of peril.  I was the strong, dignified, worry-free side of you who slipped away into the mirror when something bad happened.  I kept that part of you safe and revealed it to you when I thought you were ready.  My message for you is to be more carefree and don’t worry as much.  My gift for you is giving you that part of yourself back, now that you are safe.  What you can do for me?  Rock it–be that ONE who can take on anything in her life with strength, dignity, carefreeness, and magic.  Do it!”

This card showed up when I was having doubts and needed empowerment.  It continues to be astounding to me that these SoulCollage cards can bring forth such wisdom and joy.  I hope you can join me on May 9th to make your very own set. 

Many Blessings,

Rev. Pamela     

SoulCollage Evolving…

For those of you who don’t know:  I will be leading a SoulCollage Workshop on May 9th in Agoura Hills, CA.  For more information, please check out my website:  www.thesacredhive.com

In honor of this amazing upcoming event…I will be sharing with you a selection of my SoulCollage Card Daily Readings.  

Divination has always been an important part of my life.  As a child I would look to the clouds, formations of birds flying, and darkened mirrors for insights into burning questions.  As I got older and learned about Tarot, Runes, and scrying–I became an avid reader of these methods, collecting a myriad of decks since I was 13.  During college and beyond I have dabbled with creating my own major arcana–first as tiles which I used to mosaic an altar-top, then as tiny ink painting I was going to create a rune-like deck from.  Finding it impossible to set aside the time for this undertaking, it is now on the back-burner.  That never stopped me from wanting to create my own deck though!  I wanted something personalized that had my own energy and cards that were unique to my journey.  That is when I found SoulCollage!

SoulCollage was created by Seena Frost, a Marriage and Family Therapist in Watsonville, CA in the early 1980s.  I discovered this creative and transformative process during my first year of Seminary.  I obtained the book SoulCollage Evolving, and started reading it.  During a workshop (similar to the one I’m holding in May) I created my first card and was hooked.  In September of 2014 I became a trained SoulCollage facilitator because I knew that it was part of my calling to help others connect to the Divine Web of All Creation.  

The beautiful thing about SoulCollage is ANYONE can do it!  You don’t need to be DaVinci to create your own deck.  You just have to be able to choose images from magazines, cut those images out, find a background that makes it yours and paste!  It’s as easy as making a Vision Board…but will give you years of joy and deep meaningful readings.

Over the next month, I will be sharing more information with you about this amazing system.  And if you live in the Los Angeles area, I hope I will see you on May 9th so you can learn about and experience this practice for yourself.  But in the meantime, let me share with you a reading example:  

In March, as I thought about my Seminary journey coming to a close (I graduate in May), and about the changes I need to make in my life, I pulled my “NOBLE DEATH” Card.  This is what it had to say:


“I am one who allows things to end.  I am the one who doesn’t hold on and goes forth into the beyond, clear of all earthly regrets.  I am Noble because I hold no one in bondage when I cross over.  I know when it is healthy to let something pass away.  My message for you is to let things go…now is a time of change and it will do you no good to hold onto things that no longer serve you.  Let all old patterns die away.  Become Noble so your passage is full of grace.  What I want from you is to allow yourself to have the courage to let go…”

Stay tuned for more SoulCollage Readings and info on this amazing system!


Rev. Pamela




Hey everyone…just wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new blog chronicling my new journey. Please subscribe to that blog, as I will be posting there from now on.

Many blessings and I look forward to sharing my path with you…


I know it that it may seem ridiculous to some of you…but I have never really considered myself a visual artist.  I always considered myself a jewelry artist…so I’d hang in the artist crowd, do the artist thing…but somewhere deep inside I always felt like a bit of a fraud.  Because of that I’ve always resisted selling my art as strictly an “artist”.  As I move closer to my goals for my life journey (more on that as things develop), the more I’ve shed my old hang-ups.  This is the one hang-up I am going to shed today!

TODAY, the first day of Spring 2012 – I hereby proclaim that I am an artist!  People DO actually appreciate and like my visual art and I accept that!  In fact, as an affirmation of that proclamation, I focused ALL weekend on completing 5 different ink paints.  My intention was  to make prints of them for our upcoming booth at Ren Faire.

Last week as I sat in front of my drafting table where I do all of my creating, I got a bit burned out on the jewelry thing…don’t get me wrong…I’m not going to stop creating wearable art.  I just felt stressed by it for some reason.  I then and there decided that I’d dedicate the next couple of days to creating ink paintings that I could use for both prints and my special hand-made journals I just perfected.

The first piece that I did was:  THE SEQUOIA FOREST –

My inspiration for this piece was old Craftsman style advertisements for National Parks.  I had originally done the drawing for a jewelry special order…but the foreground/background thing didn’t really translate well into copper.  I help onto the drawing know that I wanted to paint it.  It is a wonderful art piece for people who like to decorate with that Arts and Crafts vibe 🙂

The second piece that I painted was:  THE CELTIC LION –

This nifty lion DOES exist as a copper piece…and translated quite well actually!  I drew this especially for my LEO husband as a Yule present.  It was neat to see it colorful…and he dug on it, so I must’ve done something right!

The final one I did that day was:  THE GNOME ADORN (Selling her wares) –

Isn’t she super-duper cute?  I originally created her as advertising for GnomeHome Living…but then never used her as such.  She was just too awesome to pass up when I started painting specific drawings.  Plus, there are a lot of GNOME-LOVERS at Faire who I think would love her as much as I do!!!

The next day I started in on the final two I had left…the first one (and my favorite of all of them) was:  THE CIRCASSAIN BEAUTY –

I became obsessed with all things CARNIVAL and CIRCUS when my hubby and I were living in Arizona.  I did a lot of research on sideshows and circus folk for research for my novel (still in process).  One of the most interesting types of folks I found were The Circassain Beauties…regular women who were dressed up in extravagant clothes and teased hair who were passed off as exotic beauties from far away lands.  I couldn’t resist!  I HAD to draw my own…her name is Zorbetia!  And I’ll admit, I WANT HER OUTFIT 😉

The final piece that I did over this weekend was:  MAKE A WISH –

This little guy actually took me by surprise.  When I started him I thought I wouldn’t like him too much.  I LOVED THE DRAWING–just wasn’t sure if it would translate well to color.  Low and behold IT DID!  I think I drew him last year for Spring Equinox, so I find it rather appropriate that we are ending on such a note.

One more time I just want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you to all of you who have supported me on my artistic path.  I think I have finally gathered up enough strength to EXPERIENCE my own art as ART…and I am loving every minute of it.

In Bliss,



This post is from my Gaia Witchery blog…but it gives a great explanation of a new beautiful piece of jewelry that I just created!

Prayers to the Universe

As I had touched on in my prior post, I did not just do a pilgrimage to a place I could physically get to, but to a place through inner travel.  Because of the fact that I have become a dedicant of the Goddess Brigid,  I decided to do my other pilgrimage to Brigid’s Well in Kildare.  Someday, I will be able to visit this very sacred site in person, but the magic of it reached me all of the way in Southern California on December 28th, 2011 when I sat in meditation.

Yet again, I had a deeply enriching sacred experience with this great manifestation of the Divine Feminine.  I had gone into my meditation wanting to gain a more adequate understanding of the work I need to do to HEAL completely, and live my life to the utmost.    When I “arrived” at the Well, She appeared almost instantly and…

View original post 628 more words

The Soul’s Harvest

WOW ZOWY!  Why is it that as Fall approaches, I feel this immense need to do AS MANY THINGS AS POSSIBLE–ALL AT ONCE?  Could it be just the changing of the year…moving towards harvest?  Perhaps.  I do always find that my energy levels ebb and flow with the changing of the seasons.  I would consider all of the work I’ve been doing as of late my soul’s harvest for 2011.

The last two weeks have been CRAZY!  Here’s what I’ve done 🙂


#2  Finished Mobile and took pics in our new snazzzzzy home studio:

#3  Had MY Art displayed in the Mountain Arts Network Gallery:

#4 Got a NEW Tattoo (It’s the Doorway to my NEW LIFE as a famous jewelry designer).  Thank you Jen Schichi of the Mermaid’s Tale for being SO AWESOME:

#5  Finished the NEW SACRED HIVE Media Kit to take with us to Bodhi Tree Bookstore in LA this weekend:

And when I was doing that, I was creating Recycled Fax Art Book Journal Pages and finishing 5 special orders!  I wish I had this kind of energy all of the time!  IT ROCKS!

More pics of new stuff coming soon.  Thank you to all for the help and support I’ve been getting with all of these major undertakings.  You know who you are.


Pamela W.

As the Summer Wanes

Well, I realized the other day that I am WAY behind on blogging…and I feel bad about not sharing all of the new wonderful things that have been going on here at The Sacred Hive.  First of all…you will notice that I’ve changed the name of my side of the business.

SHORT BACKGROUND:  Jeff (my husband) and I came up with GnomeHome Living as the name of our business awhile back.  It really showed our closeness with nature and I felt that it worked alright with my scrimshaw pieces because I was really focused on the sustainable aspects of creating art.

As time has progressed, and my jewelry and art has taken on more of a boutique feel…and Jeff has focused more on making actual GNOME HOMES and wonderful herbal products like salve and lip balm (that gnomes would totally dig on 😉 )…I started to feel like our businesses were different and couldn’t be categorized under the same name.

THUS:  THE SACRED HIVE – was born.  Coming from a deep love and appreication of the Divine Feminine and our symbiotic relationship with bees,  AND, Bee being my totem–I thought it was most appropriate to use that imagery for my new name.  I feel like it exudes a feeling of richness that is more appropriate for my art.

I look forward to hearing what you out there think of it 🙂

Soooo…let’s see…what is new:  I got some pretty interesting special orders as of late…the first being a wonderful design for an amazing woman who is teaching so pretty unique spiritual classes.  I designed an Alchemy Tree for her graduating students which was a rich and rewarding experience for me.  Small alchemy symbols appear carved into the trunk of a giant cherry tree evoking a secret mystery and blossoming energy (the picture does not do it justice).

I then had the awesome opportunity to create a lion piece for one of my friends at work for her birthday. 

In fact, I have had a lot of special order over the last month…for an elephant, a cat, a giraffe, a cheetah, and a bear!  I’ll post pics of those soon…

The most spectacular part of my month though has been the ART ON THE LAKE show in Big Bear.  It was the moment when I decided that I have the artistic ability to go far…selling out of almost all of my product and getting several special orders in the process.  Here are pics from Sunday of that show, after almost all of my stock was gone :

So…as the summer wanes, I go into the coming Fall with an overall sense of accomplishment for this year’s harvest.  I continue to create new and exciting creations that will be great for Holiday gifts…so check back in and I promise I’ll blog again soon!

In Bliss,

Pamela W.

On New Tides

Hello GnomeHome Friends,

I apologize for that big hole in posts.  I have been SOOOOOOO busy over the last couple of months preparing for REN FAIRE…where we did AWESOME.  Thank you to all of our new customers for showing your love and appreciation of our wares.  We plan to be at Renaissance Faire again next year and have some BIG plans on the horizon.

There has been many a busy night in the GnomeHome studio.  Our latest creations have been special orders.  I just finished the painting for a Hammerhead Shark Vintage Domino necklace.  If you are interested in this design, please let me know.  HERE IS THE PAINTING:

AND…the super cool other thing is the Gnome Home that Jeff was commissioned to do for OUTDOOR use.  So, look out world, there is a whole new line of Gourd Art coming out soon.  If you are interested in your very own Gnome Home to put in your garden…email us @ whitneys@gnomehomeliving.com.  Here is what his newest creation looks like:

Alrighty…there you have it.  I know this isn’t a giant post…BUT, it does give you some idea on what we’ve been up to.   Check back SOON to see my NEWEST creation:  Handmade Paper Pendants that I make out of junk mail and flowers…very cool stuff…

Many Gnomey Blissings Upon YOU!

-Pamela W.

The Mother Tarot Stone

Hello There!  I hope all of you are having a spectacular week.  Spring is literally knocking on our door…as Equinox is on Sunday.  I really hope it doesn’t snow…because I’d like to be outside frolicking around that day.  Anywho…in honor of the energies that permeate this time of the year–those of BIRTH and NEW BEGINNINGS–I finished The Mother Tarot Stone painting the other night.

Below please find a couple different pics of my newest work.  Explanation of this card will follow soon.

Then I put some flowers down on the piece…BTW:  both versions (with text OR with flowers) will be available as Vintage Domino OR Vintage Scrabble Tile necklaces.


And…thought this was neat, I took a pic of her on my light board upside down…thought it was cool enough to share:

WELL – HAPPY SPRING TO ONE AND ALL…I HOPE YOU LOVE THIS PIECE AS MUCH AS I DO!  Check back often, great news on the horizon.

Much Love and Blissings,

Pamela W.

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